Airline Internet Speeds Might Soon Break the Sound Barrier

Oh, how airline travel has changed. Ten years ago, our biggest fear when flying was getting our ear talked off by some creepy stranger. Now, for most of us, our greatest fear is not having a WiFi connection. When you look around you during air travel, whether in the terminal or on the flight itself, how many people do you see engaged with their iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Kindle Fire, laptop computer, MP3 player, or other glowing electronic gadget?

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Satellite Broadband and Your Business: Building Global Relationships

Using Internet in rural areas has always been a bit of a challenge, especially for businesses that want to set up global contacts through resources such as LinkedIn. While there has been Internet access in these areas for a long time, it has often been through far slower dial-up connections. These connections give users an Internet speed of around 56 kbps at best, which is roughly 0.05 Mbps. This is in contrast to people in major cities who regularly use Internet connections that have speeds between 1.0 Mbps and 6.0 Mbps.

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Armchair Art Aficionado: Where to Hear Opera with Exede Satellite Broadband

Don Escamillo (Carmen) @ Opera by Candlelight

photo by Electric Images

Exede satellite broadband Internet service brings the world’s most famous opera houses to your home. People now enjoy listening to and watching live or archived concerts online from all over the world. In many respects, it is just as fun as being in the opera house.

The technology used for these concert videos makes watching them almost as good at being seated at the front of the concert hall. They use a wide range of camera shots to give an even better view than the audience has.

Most digital operas offer a certain number of live shows per season and maintain an extensive video archive of past shows. For example, at Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall, the concert video archives can easily be looked up by composer, conductor, or soloist. If you don’t know any, play around until you find some you like.

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