Getting Hired: Add Skills You Have Learned Online to Your Resume

Refresh your resume using online tutorials. Virtual learning has become increasingly popular for working adults seeking a career change or advancement within their current occupation. Depending on the industry, knowledge of spreadsheet creation or certain operating systems (OS) may be required. The Internet proves an invaluable resource in providing lessons on popular software programs.

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Getting Hired: Four Tips To Help You Fake Being Good At Using The Internet

Using the Internet is a crucial hiring skill in today. Using the Internet comes easily for some, while for others it is a constant worry. The secret that many people won’t tell you is that using the Internet is mostly about trial and error! The more you use the Internet, the more familiar you become with all of the tools and resources that are out there. Being “good” at using the Internet can easily be faked using a few of these tricks. Continue reading

Three Ways to Monetize your Blog

If own a blog, you are likely seeking opportunities to make money from your website. While starting a blog can be a fun hobby, it is more enjoyable if you are able to make some extra money with that your site. Fortunately, there are several different ways you can monetize a blog to help bring in some extra cash each month and even possibly support yourself as a full-time job.
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