Getting Hired: Four Tips To Help You Fake Being Good At Using The Internet

Using the Internet is a crucial hiring skill in today. Using the Internet comes easily for some, while for others it is a constant worry. The secret that many people won’t tell you is that using the Internet is mostly about trial and error! The more you use the Internet, the more familiar you become with all of the tools and resources that are out there. Being “good” at using the Internet can easily be faked using a few of these tricks.

Start With a Search Engine

Whether you are just looking up the weather, or doing more in depth research, search engines can save you the trouble of memorizing dozens of websites. There are many search engines to choose from like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engines take the guessing out of key words because they know how to optimize your search. In fact, if your boss asks you what the value of $1 is in France today, you could type in “What is the value of $1 in France today?” in to the search engine and immediately get an accurate hit.

Find a Video

If you are doing a more complex project, like uploading documents to the Internet, or using Internet-based software and have no idea what you are doing, search for a video on a website like YouTube. Many times, there will be a video that explains step by step exactly what you are trying to do. These videos are usually less than 10 minutes long and explain everything that you need to complete your project!

Use Consumer Friendly Websites

As you explore the Internet you will see there is a huge difference in the quality of websites available. It will become obvious which websites have had a lot of time and effort devoted to them, and which ones haven’t. For beginners, using the well-designed websites that have clearly labeled tabs will make your life easier.

Rely on Trustworthy Sources

While websites like and have great information, it is not always reliable because it is submitted by individuals and doesn’t have to be as factual as other sources. You will seem savvier when you use reliable sources. To know that you are getting the most reliable information on the web, use websites that end in .gov (government) or .edu (university). Websites that have PDF publications that you can download are also more trustworthy.

You have undoubtedly heard the expression “fake it till you make it”. This is very true when it comes to showing your proficiency on the Internet. With regular use, you will become a pro! Good luck with that job search.