Getting Hired: Add Skills You Have Learned Online to Your Resume

Refresh your resume using online tutorials. Virtual learning has become increasingly popular for working adults seeking a career change or advancement within their current occupation. Depending on the industry, knowledge of spreadsheet creation or certain operating systems (OS) may be required. The Internet proves an invaluable resource in providing lessons on popular software programs.

Popular Business Software

In 2012, software programs frequently used in business settings included:

- Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OS, which dictates how computers handle basic operations. Other popular OS include Parallels Desktop 7 (Macintosh) and Ubuntu 12.04.

- Adobe Acrobat X which facilitates document creation. The program converts files into portable document format (PDF).

These programs are just a sample of what offices use on a daily basis. Without a basic working knowledge of the software, chances of a pay raise or being hired are almost non-existent. Almost every industry conducts a portion of their business on the computer. Employers need individuals who know their way around the keyboard.

Online Software Tutorials

Various companies now offer pre-recorded tutorials on Adobe, Microsoft and Macintosh OS. Trained instructors guide students through the material. Most sites grant unlimited access to the tutorials so students can repeat lessons as needed. Many programs also require a subscription fee that permits students to access lessons from any computer at any time.

Depending on the software program, instructional time ranges from approximately three to 11 hours for total course completion. It may take longer considering students can review course videos at their own pace. Some programs offer a certificate of completion after students watch all the videos in a series.


Previously discussed benefits include increased employability and the greater potential for advancement. Learning new systems can minimize the time spent on certain tasks and save company dollars. Learning new software benefits everyone..


Heading online to learn new software is an exciting and rewarding adventure. However, experts at the Illinois Online Network warn us of limitations associated with virtual software training.

  • Students need to be computer literate before embarking on a software course to avoid additional frustration.
  • A strong Internet connection reduces the possibility of video freezes during lectures.
  • Students who need constant reassuring will not do well in online lectures.

Online software training gives students an edge with employers. The lectures allow people to keep their resumes fresh with in-demand education. Let virtual training pave the way to success.