Getting Hired: Prepping for Interviews Using the Internet

Prepping for a job interview can be nerve wrecking. However, effectively preparing for an interview can make the difference between getting the job or not. It shows poorly when you go into an interview and do not have a ready response for the most common interview questions.

The opportunity you have with an interview is all about the impression you make and not having a ready response means that you did not take the time to prepare. There are lots of other job applicants who have done their homework and are ready to impress with quick answers that prove how much time they have spent getting ready.

Know the Questions to Expect

When you get the call for a job interview, immediately do an online search for the most popular job interview questions to get an idea of what types of questions to expect. Then search for the best answers to each of the most popular questions. While no response is standard, you will find very useful guidance on how to best formulate an answer that is unique to you but properly provides the kind of response an employer is looking for.

Know What Not to Say

Do an online search of what not to talk about and what not to disclose during an interview. Common recommendations are against slamming a former employer or boss, and against clichéd answers. While honesty is usually recommended, being too honest about certain things can also be a drawback.

Knowing what not to say when interviewing is as important as what to say. A good way to avoid looking unprepared or talking too much and saying something you shouldn’t is to practice your responses. Write them down verbatim or make bulleted notes to help you prepare.

Necessary Research Prior to the Interview

Before you go for an interview, it is important to know as much as possible about the company you are interviewing with. Some private companies are deliberately vague with the information they make public. If that is the case, be upfront with the interviewer when the topic arises and tell him that despite checking their website, you know little about what they do. They will appreciate that you have done your homework.

Apart from all this mental preparation, be sure to also do the common sense things. These include dressing professionally, cleaning up, smelling good and using good manners with everyone you encounter.

Good luck on your job interview!