How to Get Paid Doing Customer Service Online

Even though the economy is improving and more jobs are being added to the private sector, that doesn’t mean that a wide variety of highly attractive positions will be available to everyone in all areas. In many cases, you may find that a job that provides sufficient flexibility for your lifestyle – whether it’s working on raising your family or going to school full-time – is quite hard to come by. But if you need a rewarding position that gives you work-life balance and flexibility, doing customer service online can be an ideal job.

Check Out Companies You Know

While there are many online job posting websites, you may find that your best bet, or at least the place you should look first, is the website of a company for which you want to work. It’s always best to work for a company about which you feel passionate, so looking for openings in the career section of websites of your favorite companies. With remote employment positions increasing in popularity, there is a chance that a company you already like is hiring for online customer service positions.

 Look At Freelance Work

There are lots of companies out there that hire virtual customer service representatives. and are two of the legitimate sites that offer such opportunities. However, there are many websites that offer work at home jobs that are complete scams. If you are being asked for money in exchange for any reason, simply check that “opportunity” off your list.

Check Job Search Websites

Check out websites dedicated to job listings, such as, and Most employment sites include a category for online-only or remote-work positions, so begin your search there. To make sure you didn’t miss out on any miscategorized listings, run a search for “online” or “remote” customer service positions on any job placement websites.

Avoid Scams

If you find an attractive position, be sure to do an online search on the company to look out for potential scams or unpleasant work environments. You should do this research before engaging in any interviews because the information you find may show you that it’s not even worth interviewing or may provide you with a basis for informed questions during the interview. Doing research always indicates to a company that you are serious about the position, so even if you raise more concerns than praise, this can still work out in your favor.

Interview Tips

Demonstrate your passion and expertise during your interview. Be sure to try to draw on past experiences and demonstrate how they apply to your online customer service position, even if you have not held this specific position in the past. Also try to demonstrate what kind of unique value you can bring to the company’s online customer service position.

Good luck with your online customer service job search!