Earn Cash as an Online Tutor

Earning cash as an online tutor benefits people from all occupations. Everyone from stay-at-home parents to college students can educate future generations while making extra money on a flexible schedule. Like any other online endeavor, proper research minimizes the chances of this potentially lucrative opportunity going bust.

Job Description

Online tutors register with virtual learning services who schedule them to work with individual students. Sessions take place via chat forum (i.e.- Skype, Yahoo) and last approximately one hour. Tutors receive payment in the form of direct deposit or check from their respective agencies. Payments occur weekly, bi-weekly or twice per month, depending on the company.

Students tend to request to following subject matter:

- Advanced mathematics including algebra, geography and trigonometry are in great demand.

- English grammar, essay writing and communication skills are a hot commodity.

- Science including biology, chemistry and physics remain in demand.

Some companies require tutors have a degree within their desired subject matter while others accept documented experience. Applicants may be subject to a skills assessment to ensure a proper student / tutor match. Tutors earn between $14 and $50 United States dollars (USD) per hour depending on subject matter and experience. Most tutors work between four and eight hours per day, with most of the time logged during evening hours when children do their homework.


GrowingStars.com is one company earning rave reviews from employers and students alike. The company only employs individuals with a Masters degree. Another well-regarded site, Tutor.Com, requires that aspiring tutors pass an exam and simulate one session with another established tutor. All companies require that prospective tutors have a reliable Internet connection and quality webcam.


There is always some risk involved with online business. Problems encountered by online tutors include:

- People receiving little or no payment for services rendered. Some tutors worked for several months without a paycheck.

- Some tutors encountered minimum payout requirements that delayed payment for several months. Depending on the hourly wage and take home amount, meeting payout limits may take a while for some individuals.

Virtual tutoring services are a booming at-home industry. An April 2012 article in the Examiner.com found that more teachers than ever are heading to the Internet as more jobs disappear. Students continue to need supplemental academic assistance, making online tutoring a viable job opportunity.