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I no longer have to worry about living far from the city as far as Internet access is concerned. I have to admit I took what was said about Exede with a pinch of salt at first. Since I wanted a faster Internet connection, however, I decided to give it a try and the results are truly amazing!

Stacy R.
Canton, TX

I have dropped my DSL connection! I have used a relatively fast Internet connection since I started using DSL four years ago but I wasn't satisfied with the speed. However, I didn't have any better alternative out here. When I heard that Exede was faster, I decided to go for it. My downloads have never been faster and my surfing more seamless! Thanks!

M. Anderson
Murphy, NC

I'm pleased with the type of service I got from Exede personnel. They responded politely to my call and gave me important details that helped me choose my package. My order arrived within two days and the installation was professional.

Alan M.
Glendora, LA

Having 'endured' dial-up Internet for many years, I now enjoy a great Internet connection with Exede service. I don't know how many months I've wasted over the years! I used to envy those who said their Internet waited for them because I had to wait for mine. Thank you Exede for giving me this freedom! I also can't forget the helpful staff.

Jarvis Walton
Vernon, LA.

My friends in the city used to tell me how fast their cable connections were and I knew I couldn't match them. I am now at the same level with them, thanks to Exede Internet. In addition, I don't have to pay through the nose for my broadband satellite connection. This is what we've been longing for.

The Wolversons
Bethel Springs, TN

I'm pleased that Damascus is not too small for Exede to cover. I can now enjoy an extremely fast Internet connection via satellite, something that used to be a pipe dream. Well, the dream has come true for me. I am no longer frustrated by buffer delays when I stream videos and TV shows. Goodbye DSL internet!

Mary G.
Damascus, VA.


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