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Exede Voice: Affordable, Quality Home Phone Service For You

Exede Voice is the latest product to come from industry leader ViaSat. It is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system that is designed to work perfectly with your existing Exede Internet service. It offers the best quality VoIP service available to Exede customers. With a superior home phone service from Exede you can save money on the cost of home phone service and enjoy perfectly clear connections. Only Exede Voice brings you the kind of top notch service you are looking for in a VoIP home phone.

Exede Voice Benefits

Because you are opting for a VoIP system that was specifically created to work perfectly with your satellite Internet service, you get all kinds of benefits that you wouldn't expect from a home phone service.

  • Long distance calling in the United States and Canada without limits
  • Extremely competitive international rates.
  • Great low rates for a home phone plan.
  • Premium phone service features like call waiting, call display, call forwarding and voicemail are all included.
  • You can choose to keep your old phone number or get a new phone number.
  • You have all the advantages of a home land line and don't need to worry about cell phones that lose charge or service.
  • Only Exede Voice lets you use your VoIP system without an impact on your monthly data limit. You can even surf the net while talking on the phone.

Get a Quick and Easy Start

You can get started in no time with Exede Voice. When you call to place your order, the technology you need is rushed to your door. Easy to follow instructions are included with the Exede voice adapter. Simply plug it in as shown, call for activation and in no time you have a new, home phone system you are sure to love. It even works with cordless phones.

Exede is a company committed to offering high quality and as such it spent an extraordinary amount of time developing a system that worked optimally with its satellite Internet service. After a year of development and perfection, the product was tested for another year to make sure it delivered the kind of quality service Exede is known for. With Exede Voice, you get a crystal clear connection. No one will even suspect you are using a VoIP over a satellite Internet service.

Make the switch to a more affordable home landline phone service today.
Call us to get started and in no time you will have the perfectly clear connection to anyone you want to stay in touch with.

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Imagine what you can do with the new, blazing speeds from Exede.

With the super fast speeds of Exede Internet, you can:

  • Share more pictures using email and social networking sites
  • Receive and send files fast
  • Browse the Web and email almost instantaneously
  • Send and receive files quickly
  • Enjoy a better experience while watching TV shows or streaming videos because buffering will have significantly fewer delays.
  • Stream and download music easily and quickly

Whichever Exede Internet plan you choose, you will get:

  • A complete suite of the Google Apps, including contacts, calendar, customizable home page and word processing. You will also get tools to build a professional Web site and collaborate with others.
  • Professional standard installation performed by a certified technician

Our breakthrough web acceleration technology makes your web browsing faster.

The use of the advanced Web acceleration technology allows users to experience faster Web browsing. This breakthrough technology is intelligent enough to combine multiple Internet requests. It also speeds up the way Web pages load because it fetches content faster than the Web browser. This combination leads to an exceptional browsing experience.


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