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Best New Internet Service Packages in Bowdre, MS from Exede

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Exede Internet service in Bowdre, Mississippi from ViaSat is revolutionizing rural broadband access. Exede Satellite Internet technology allows rural residents in and around Bowdre to enjoy download speeds of 12.0 Mbps. Previously, the residents had to choose between dial-up and satellite Internet services relying on older technology.

Exede Satellite Internet is the Best Option in Bowdre Mississippi for Broadband Access!

Dial-up Internet provides 56Kbps while the earlier satellite service reaches maximum download speeds of just 2.0 Mbps. On the other hand, Exede Satellite Internet Bowdre, MS provides the same download speeds that city residents get on cable Internet. Even those in the remotest parts get up to 5 Mbps download speeds, which is still two and a half times faster than the conventional speeds.

Exede High Speed Satellite Internet at a Low Price in Bowdre

You would expect Exede Internet service to come at a premium price, right? Wrong! The price is actually the same as or even less than what the residents are already paying for the relatively slower services. The price starts at only $49.99 per month. Different Exede internet packages provide different bandwidth depending on the users’ needs but they all provide the same blazing speeds.

The things you can do with Exede Internet in Bowdre, MS include:

  • Streaming video downloads, be they TV shows, music or movies
  • Sharing videos and photos via social networking sites at super-fast speeds
  • E-mailing and surfing the Web almost instantaneously
  • Turning the satellite Internet connection into an effective digital phone line via VoIP

Exede Recovery Act in Bowdre, MS

Additionally, there are a wide range of Exede & WildBlue Recovery Act programs in Bowdre to select from. All feature drastically reduced monthly fees and not installation costs. You can find out more about government-subsidized satellite internet programs on our FAQ page. Please note that qualifying addresses and locations for the US Broadand Recovery Act Internet Program are pre-determined by the US government Rural Utilities Service and are not selected by ViaSat.

Exede Satellite Internet is part of ViaSat, which also owns WildBlue Satellite Internet. Both ViaSat providers are taking part in the Recovery Act Program.

Internet Service Bowdre, MS | Exede Satellite Internet Bowdre

Call 1-888-764-5289 today for Exede Internet in Bowdre, Mississippi!

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